To nurture a positive environment where children learn through fun play, being challenged and taking risks, in a beautiful natural setting, under the caring guidance of experienced and loving staff. To create a space where children are empowered and inspired to be inquisitive, innovative and caring, and to develop meaningful relationships with each other and the natural world around them.  To strive towards the principle of ecological sustainability and grow responsible and aware local and global citizens.  To ensure that all children are valued and respected and that families feel welcomed and supported as part of our preschool community.

Our philosophy is constantly reviewed and reflects the input of children, parents, staff, our Management Committee and the local community.  It is influenced by the Early Years Learning Framework and National Quality Framework as well as by our passion for the natural environment and outdoor learning opportunities at Lower Bucca. Our wonderful picturesque environment, and the provisions made by staff, allow the children to have countless opportunities to be engaged in small groups or individual work, free play or structured play, active play or quiet play, both indoors and outdoors. We understand how the physical surroundings can affect the way a child feels, how comfortable they are, how they relate to others and how successfully they accomplish what they set out to do. With this in mind we aim to provide an environment that is relaxed and inviting with clearly defined and well equipped areas that promote independence, foster decision making, encourage involvement and create a sense of enjoyment and purpose in everything the children do. We utilize the unique natural setting and allow the environment to guide our teachable moments. We place great emphasis on sustainable practices and caring for ourselves and our environment through an environmental education program and emphasis on practical life skills.

Our full philosophy statement can be accessed by the link below.


The value of play

At Lower Bucca Community Preschool we believe that play is the way in which children learn, develop and grow. Through play or purposeful work, the children:

  • are able to follow their interests and are self-motivated to learn
  • are able to work at their own level and at a pace that suits their need
  • are able to direct their own learning in a non-threatening environment
  • have experiences which are meaningful to the child which encourages learning to continue
  • create and solve their own problems
  • exercise their imagination
  • extend their attention spans as they persist in mastering skills
  • develop independence
  • engage in social interactions which further develops their language skills
  • can express emotions and develop a positive self-esteem.